Vale Newfoundland is owned by Vale SE, a Brazillian multinational diversified metal and mining corporation and one of the largest logistics operations in Brazil.

Vale is the second largest mining company in the world. The company is the largest producer of iron ore pellets and the second largest of nickel. In the electric energy sector, the company participates in a consortium that currently operates in nine hydroelectric plants.

Vale was founded in 1942 and is headquartered in Rio-de-Janerio Brazil. With operations in more than 30 countries, Vale is a truly global company with offices, operations, exploration and joint ventures spread over the five continents.

Vale Newfoundland Operations

Vale’s operation in our province consists of two major components. The Voisey’s Bay Mine and Concentrator Site, in Labrador, has been producing ore since 2005. The site also includes vast deposits with potential for future underground operations.

Nickel concentrate produced at Voisey’s Bay is currently shipped to Sudbury and Thompson to be smelted and refined, but processing will eventually shift to Long Harbour. The nickel processing plant at Long Harbour is currently nearing completion and the company is driving towards commencement of the operations phase of the project. The new multi-billion dollar hydrometallurgical facility is expected to producer 50,000 tonnes per annum of nickel metal and associated copper and cobalt.

St. John’s is home to the Vale Newfoundland & Labrador corporate office. Employees in this office focus on matters related to Vale’s operation in Voisey’s Bay and Long Harbour.

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